Who Our Clients Are

  • Manufacturers
  • Distributors
  • Litigation Specialists
  • Insurance Industry

MAI’s client relationships are based on confidence. Our priority is to work in partnership with clients providing accurate, rapid results with full communication before, during, and after the analysis, and absolute confidentiality.

Analysis results are reported in clear concise language and include specific, practical, cost-effective recommendations. MAI engineers are directly available by phone or email to discuss your testing requirements, provide quotes, or answer any questions on completed analyses. MAI seeks out any opportunity to add value to our evaluations by reporting potential saving or performance improvements relative to your application on even basic chemical analyses, tensile and impact tests, or hardness results.

MAI is particularly responsive to client’s production shutdowns due to processing or materials failures. In these situations, we provide round the clock testing and analysis until the problem is resolved and you are back in production.