Specification Development, Review & Revision

Metallurgical Associates performs comprehensive specification development, review and revision to maximize product performance and reduce cost.

Specification Development

In the complex process of new product development – conception, design, prototyping, testing – it is sometimes easy to overlook the cost savings and performance optimization that can be achieved by expert material and processing specification.

Metallurgical Associates engineers provide material and process specifications to obtain the highest performance for your new products at the lowest cost.   Our extensive experience in specification development, as corporate engineers in past careers and through years of experience in independent materials engineering and testing, will set your company’s new product on a strong, cost-effective foundation.

Specification Review

Material and process specifications for mature parts can easily be taken for granted and lapse into obsolescence.  Even mature designs that meet performance criteria may be eligible for cost savings with new materials or processes, at no reduction in performance.  MAI materials engineering experts will review your existing specifications to identify potential cost savings and performance improvements.

Specification Revision

Even mature product designs can unexpectedly become a problem when vendor supplied materials or processes change but are still in compliance with specifications that are not sufficiently precise.  Older specifications may not take full advantage of the latest materials and processes.  MAI engineers review your current specifications, products and their application in service, then revise your specifications to achieve maximum performance and cost-effectiveness.