MAI Adds Cutting Edge Scanning Electron Microscopy With New SEM and EDS Acquisitions


At MAI, our mission is focused; We solve materials engineering problems with expert failure analysis, manufacturing process problem solutions, and materials characterization. Your requirement for practical, cost effective and rapid response is paramount. We continually search for opportunities, in both technology and expertise, to meet and exceed that requirement.

Our recent purchase of the leading edge in scanning electron microscopy (SEM), the Tescan VEGA3-XMU, increases both our capabilities and capacity.  The VEGA3 features the latest detector technology and imaging software, enabling MAI engineers to fully and rapidly identify and communicate vital root cause evidence to our client’s.

With the largest sample chamber available, and multiple sample stations, a larger number of samples can be analyzed during an evaluation. This enhances both the speed and level of detail at which results can be delivered to our clients.


MAI engineers combine over 40 years of SEM experience and thousands of analyses to provide our clients with the absolute maximum benefit SEM offers to solve their materials engineering challenges.

Scanning Electron Microscopy is an essential tool in the failure analyses we perform for clients in manufacturing, as well as the litigation and insurance claim investigations we support. SEM also provides critical surface data to customers who develop and manufacture demanding products such as medical implants, stationary and aerospace turbine blades and components, and pharmaceutical and food processing installations.

The Tescan VEGA3-XMU is another step in our commitment to analytical excellence and the success of the clients we serve.