The MAI Glossary

Over the years, as providers of materials analysis, testing and consulting services, we have occasionally received inquiries from our clients asking for a definition or clarification of terms or phrases that were used in our reports. Like all technical fields, Material Engineering has its own particular terminology.

This terminology provides engineers with a precise vocabulary with which to communicate specific materials characteristics and conditions and avoids misinterpretation by professionals both inside and outside your organization.

The Metallurgical Associates Glossary is not intended as a substitute for technical references and handbooks. Technical terms are defined in “plain English” and in many cases analogies are used to convey a “feel” for complex materials properties. Though many of our clients are materials engineers and metallurgists, many others are professionals in Quality Control, Purchasing, Sales, Design and different engineering disciplines. The Glossary was conceived to enhance communications and understanding with and between people in these fields when they encounter materials issues. Our intention is not to turn you into materials experts; we know you’re busy with your own work, and providing you with materials expertise is ours.

The Metallurgical Associates Glossary is not intended as a substitute for calling or emailing us when you have questions that require immediate attention. We encourage you to contact MAI any time that we can serve you.

Failure Analysis Glossary Terms (Click on a link to read more on each term)